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Septic Design Services

When do you need a new septic system design?

As we move forward with new construction and renovations, current septic tank systems may no longer be able to handle todays larger more complex homes.   

Are you increasing the number of bedrooms or making changes to how you use the property? Perhaps you have installed some AirBNB suites on your property or converted the basement to a rental suite? 

These are some of the reasons that a new system maybe called for.   

Today’s Onsite wastewater guidelines allow for many different applications of septic systems. Modern tanks with wastewater treatment systems, pumps, and drain field options can help you out even in the most challenging terrain. 

Sand mounds to get above a high-water table, drip systems to work around trees and very shallow soil systems, timed dose to disperse an even, calculated volume of effluent into a dispersal bed. We have a wide range of tools at our disposal. 

It all starts with a visit to the site, talking about current and future uses. We then dig some test pits around the future field area and do detail soil analysis to determine the best system to use for your property.   

The BC onsite sewage guidelines are clearly laid out and using these, with an eye on British Columbia’s health authority recommendations, we can create a system that is efficient, good for environmental and human health, and built to last.